What We Offer

Digital Strategy

The online world is laden with bountiful opportunities and seemingly countless ways of exploring them. For every project, we sit down and figure out the very best ways to help realise your business objectives, opportunities and vision.

All of our experts love offering considered and tailored advice, and this process is vital for ensuring that what we build for you leads to a very handsome return on investment.

We’re here to help your business find success. The digital strategy determines what that success will look like, how we’ll get it, and how to measure and adapt to the results.

Branding, Corporate Identity & Logos

Brand Identity is probably one of the most important things in your business (along with financial management!). Although ‘identity’ goes well beyond graphic design, our focus will be on getting your visual brand – that includes your logo, brand colours and typographic style – up to a world-class standard.

From our conversations with you, we will develop the perfect design brief, and then give it to a graphic designer chosen specifically for their stylistic suitability for your business. We provide a full graphic design service that will make your brand unique, recognisable and beautiful.

User Experience & Interface Design

In the bad old days, web design was just about setting up a few tables and plonking the logo somewhere.

Our cutting-edge process of web design is better described as the designing of your users’ (customers, fans etc.) experience of your business as it exists online. We ensure that your website is amazingly intuitive, with its content laid out in an elegantly logical structure. Your visitors will be happy – and that’s is one of the secrets to a website that achieves its goals.

We also like to build things that look great, are a joy to use, and that you can be proud to call yours. Part of that is ensuring that your website looks as good on an iPhone as it does on a desktop machine.

Web Coding & Development

A pretty face is nothing without efficient and functioning web development backing it up. We love coding, and we love doing it in a way that is friendly to both humans (e.g. your target market) and machines (e.g. search engines). We work binary magic to marshall various open source software to serve your business, such as WordPress, OpenCart and Magento.

All websites we build are coded to the highest (and latest) professional standards. We follow a strictly ethical (a.k.a. ‘White Hat’) approach to Search Engine Optimisation, as we believe that this not only produces better, more reliable long-term results, but we also think that our fantastic clients wouldn’t want it any other way.

Shopping Cart & Ecommerce Systems

With online sales across all industries constantly on the rise, it is no surprise that ecommerce is one of the big thoughts in the minds of any clued-in entrepreneur. It can be a magnificent way to run your dream business alongside your dream lifestyle… if – and only if – done the right way.

We love building ecommerce solutions that provide clear and measurable ROI to our clients. We are experts at designing ecommerce interfaces in ways that promote sales, reducing cart abandonment rates, and advising on how to best integrate your ecommerce solution with your banking setup. We can also help automate a large number of processes, giving you more time to work on your business development – or just more free time!

Marketing & Social Media

With the constant expansion of the online marketplace, being unique and having a competitive advantage is vital. Dream Stage boast some folks with marketing skills and certification, and so we can help advise you on marketing matters that relate to your online presence. We also have connections with some of the best marketing coaches in Sydney, if you want a bit of elite assistance.

Also, we can talk you through a practical and time-efficient social media strategy. We can design, monitor and measure online advertising campaigns. We can plot and implement killer viral/community campaigns. And we do it all in ethical ways that generate heaps of  goodwill and attract customers/clients/fans that you truly enjoy dealing with.


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