Who Are We

Dragas IT Creative Agency. We design dreams.

Astoria based digital agency, specialising in creating solutions for micro and small business….

There are scores of digital creative agencies in New York , so why is it that we are the best option for start-up and micro businesses?

Most agencies focus on the big name clients: national/international brands that have the budget to fork out over $100k/year on their website. These agencies compete with each other and buddy-up with big corporate CEOs to get in the right position to land those sizeable contracts.

Dragas IT operates differently. We have no fancy office. We don’t think it would offer our clients any value. Why should you care if we had a funky, spacious office complete with pinball machine and designer furniture? We’re concerned about ensuring that everything we do adds value to your business.

On a project-by-project basis, we select subcontractors who are the absolute best fit for your business & goals. If we don’t already have a relationship with the perfect graphic designer (e.g.) for your brand, we go out and find them!

In short, we are the most agile creative agency in New York . What this means for you, is that you get unbeatable value-for-money, and the confidence that you have the very best and most suitable specialists working on your project.


Send us your info and start your project now. We're as excited as you are!

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